Independent TaeKwonDo Assoc.

The ITA is dedicated to the advancement of TaeKwonDo in all its aspects:  art, sport and self-defense discipline. The primary goal of the ITA is to provide independent TaeKwonDo Instructors around the World with an association committed to their professional enhancement. The ITA originally founded in 1985 by Grandmaster John Pellegrini, is unique amongst the hundreds of TaeKwonDo Associations and “Governing Bodies” because it truly offers complete autonomy to its affiliated schools with:

The ITA is for those instructors who want to be independent and in complete control of their program and their finances but still want to be part of a friendly, dynamic and supportive organization.

The ITA also offers access to Kukkiwon (WTF) Dan Certificates.  Kukkiwon is a rank registration body.  You can only register the rank that you have already tested for and received.  Kukkiwon certificates are available ONLY to ITA Black Belts in good standing.  Separate fees, additional photos, etc… are required.  ITA Charter Instructors interested in receiving Kukkiwon Certificates for themselves or their students must contact ITA headquarters for fees and procedures.

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